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About Us

FEEL & FLOW.CO was inspired by our love for textiles, especially those that are soft and lightweight, and which make us feel cozy and look great.  In search of the best possible fabrics we could find, we set out on a journey to source all the textiles we love from in and around Asia, with materials, design and comfort in mind. 


FEEL & FLOW.CO is not just a name; these are the words that represent our brand philosophy of being comfortable, cozy, flowy, with good quality materials, well-made patterns and highly skilled cutting. We carefully select products that are made from natural materials and are locally made by experienced craftsmen, crafted as the result of centuries of wisdom, handed down from generation to generation. With such meticulous craftsmanship, our products are well-made and are even more beautiful in person than our pictures would suggest. 


Our first collections are sourced from two different countries, both known for their amazing craftsmanship. Our first range is made up of hand block print sarongs and clothing on 100% Indian cotton, sourced directly from India. Our second range is made using natural dyes in a mud-dipping technique to print on super soft handwoven cotton, made by local villagers in Thailand. Your purchases contribute to local communities in India and Thailand and support small businesses.


Use our textiles as sarongs, scarves, shawls or beach covers, or wear our super soft and flowy dresses all year round to look and feel amazing.


Cheers to looking gorgeous while feeling comfortable!